• Administrative Management Courses



  • Commercial Practices Management Courses


  • Commercial Practices Systems

  • Marketing and Public Relations

  • Water Rates/Cash Flow Projection (Seminar-Workshop)

  • Water Tariff Determination with Cash Flow Projection


  • Engineering and Construction Courses


  • Seminar-Workshop on Groundwater Data Management

  • Computerized;Groundwater Data Banking and Monitoring

  • Water Supply Feasibility Studies (Seminar-Workshop)

  • Water Supply System Construction Management Seminar


  • Financial Management Courses


  • Accounting For Non- Accountants

  • Financial Management for Water Utilities

  • Tellers, Collectors and Cashiers

  • Water Utility Budgeting

  • Water Utility Operations Auditing


  • General Management Courses


  • Corporate Planning

  • Crisis and Stress Management

  • Basic Supervisory Development Course

  • Advanced Supervisory Development Course

  • Water Supply Management and Development for Small Water Districts

  • Water District Management Course


  • Human Resources Development Courses


  • Basic Business Correspondence

  • Effective Presentation Skills and Techniques

  • Gender and Development

  • Gender and Development (GAD) Planning and Budgeting
    Invitations: Board of Directors, General Managers, Members, GAD Focal Point, Secretariat, and Technical Working Group, and Union Officers
  • Management Development
  • Public Service Ethics and Accountability
  • Public Sector Unionism and Principled Negotiations
  • Values Orientation Workshop
  • Participatory Gender Audit


  • Operation and Maintenance Courses


  • Reduction of Non-Revenue Water

  • Water Supply System Operation and Maintenance

  • Pumps and Electrical Control

  • Water Maintenance Course (Plumbing Techniques)

  • Water Meter Repair and Maintenance Course

  • Water Quality Management

  • Water Treatment Technologies

  • Water Resources Facilities Operators' Course

  • Water Treatment Technologies

  • Well Drilling, Rehabilitation and Maintenance

  • Understanding Water Quality and Complying with Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water


  • Policy-Making Courses


  • Advanced Policy-Makers'

  • Basic Policy-Makers'

  • Financial Performance Evaluation (Seminar-Workshop)

  • Technical Seminar for Board


  • Others


  • Symposium on the El Niño Phenomenon

  • Evaluation of Unsolicited Concession-Type Proposals for Water Supply Projects

  • Health, Hygiene and Water Conservation Education

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Water Safety Plan (WSP) Orientation

JUN 08-10 , 2015

JUN 22-24 , 2015

JUL 27-29 , 2015


Financial Management for Water Utilities

JUN 16-18 , 2015