How CPS is Installed


Following are the steps in installing the manual CPS.

Management Advisors monitor water district's compliance with pre-requisites of CPS installation, such as:

  1. The qualified personnel have been hired.
    The required forms have been printed.
    The water district has completed at least the initial Billing and Collection Cycle.

Management Advisors prepare and transmit request for CPS installation to CPS Division.

CPSD prepares installation schedule and assigns Systems Analyst to undertake the installation.

CPSD staff conducts on-the-job training of water district personnel concerned, which takes about two weeks, on applicable aspects of CPS. Initially, CPS Phase I (General Accounting, chart of accounts, billing and collection system, disbursement procedures and budgeting) is introduced.

When construction projects have started, CPS Phase II (fixed assets, inventory, payroll, procurement and construction work management) is introduced. Phase II activities take about two weeks.

To ensure adherence to the installed system, a follow-up engagement is scheduled where deviations noted, if any, are corrected. Management Advisors or CPSD staff initiate this, as the situation requires.

Following are the steps in installing the computerized CPS.

    A project proposal is offered to client water district.

    Client water district acknowledges the offer thru board resolution.

    MOA between LWUA and concerned water district is prepared.

Upon approval of the MOA, the computerized system is installed in client water district for an installation fee. The client water district is responsible for the provision of the hardware and needed support services. The duration of the installation depends on the data build-up and manpower support available.
Follow-up and monitoring of the installed system is done for free during the warranty period of six months that starts upon issuance of certificate of acceptance of the client water district.