The CPS Division

The Commercial Practices Systems Division (CPSD) of the Water Resources Research and Training Department (WRRTD) is tasked with installing and maintaining the LWUA-prescribed standard manual Billing and Collection and the General Accounting Systems in all operational water districts nationwide. The prescribed systems and procedures are being installed as part of LWUA's services for the Water Districts' institutional development.

Standard CPS

Commercial practices systems (CPS) installation is done through on-the-job training of water district personnel on procedures related to commercial operations, documentation of transactions, bookkeeping procedures and the preparation of the financial statements and other reports. The appropriate organizational structure, personnel placement and the most efficient distribution of workload are determined in the process.

Computerized CPS

In addition to the manual-based commercial practices systems and procedures, the CPSD is now undertaking the installation of a computerized billing and collection system (BCS) and the financial management information system (FMIS) with five subsystems namely: the general accounting, cash management, disbursement, fixed assets, and inventory management systems. The computerized system works in a network environment to facilitate the consolidation and standardization of commercial procedures and financial reporting system in a more cohesive, accurate and cost-efficient manner.

Takeover Assistance

The CPSD also provides assistance to the interim General Managers (IGM) during LWUA takeover of water district management.

CPSD staff work closely with the IGM in the formulation and implementation of applicable policies and standards that would ensure adherence to established procedures and assure the viability of water district operation.