The Computerized BCS and FMIS Package

As water districts grow, their operational needs become more complicated and the volume of transactions increases significantly. Some water districts fail to cope with this transition, with adverse effect to their operations, particularly on its commercial and financial management efforts. Customer accounts are not properly maintained, financial records and reports are inaccurate, and cost of personnel services is escalating due to the tendency of management to hire additional personnel as a corrective measure.

To address these operational problems, LWUA through the CPSD conceptualized and initiated the development of a computerized Billing and Collection System (WDBCS)

Subsequently, a software for this purpose was developed as part of the PCWSP-V project.

The CPSD staff that worked closely with the consultants during the systems development undertook some revisions and fine-tuning of the application software to suit the needs of the client-WDs and ensure better efficiency and user-friendly features. CPSD is responsible for the installation of the application software and the maintenance of the installed system to guarantee full after-sales service coverage.

LWUA bills the client-WD a very affordable and concessionary rate for the software and other related charges to recover software development and other operating costs.


The Billing and Collection System (BCS) application software can be installed as an independent module.This application fully supports the LWUA-prescribed Commercial Practices Systems with utmost efficiency.

The software costs a minimum of P45,000 for the first 5,000 service connections. The WD is charged an additional P9.00 per service connection in excess of 5,000 service connections. All check payments should be payable to LWUA. A minimal "out-of-pocket" cost (personnel services costs and actual transportation expenses) during the installation period shall be reimbursed by the client-WD.

LWUA may develop supplementary programs for customized requirements of the client-WD for an additional cost of P250.00/hour of actual programming work plus transportation expenses. We provide a six (6) months warranty on the installed system. Maintenance service on the installed system is provided on an on-call basis at the expense of the client after the warranty period.



P 45,000.00
5,000 Service Connections and below

P 9.00/ Service Connection
In excess of 5,000 Service Connections